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3 important factors to ask while searching for your dream venue for your upcoming event

At some point of our lives, we all plan many special events whether our weddings, quinceañeras, Sweet sixteen, birthday celebration, or corporate events. Of course one of the most important things you have in mind is live music. As a result, you do a search for Bands for hire near me and quickly book your band of choice knowing a professional grupo versatil is the heart of your entertainment that will leave unforgettable moments. Second in line is searching for your ideal venue to host your upcoming celebration. Below are important questions and requirements to keep in mind that will help you select the correct venue. It is strongly recommended that you discuss and come up with a plan before signing the contract with the venue. 


The first question to ask the venue’s representative is if your service providers including live band, photographer, videographer, caterers, etc. require liability insurance. If there response is yes, than the next question would be the amount of coverage required. Some places require 1 million dollars of liability coverage while others require up to 2 million. This is very important since most of the service providers request you to cover the insurance cost. Although the cost for insurance usually averages about $200 for a one day policy, it all adds up especially if you need to cover the insurance cost for all your service providers.

The second question is regarding the time your service providers will have for setup. In particular, the professional Latin Band in Los Angeles know they need at least 4 hours prior to guest arrival to setup their equipment. Some venues allow service providers access as early as the morning while others only allow about 2 hours prior to your guest arriving. To avoid any potential accidents due to rushing the setup. Although the setup may be done in about 3 hours, it is highly recommended that you request at least 4 hours of early access prior to your guest arrival. This will guaranty all sound system and lighting to be properly installed, thus creating a professional impression when your guest arrive.

The third important factor to consider before selecting a venue is ensuring that they will at least provide 1.5 hours to uninstall and pack all equipment. 1.5 hours is the average time it takes to uninstall a sound system and lighting. The benefit of getting acknowledgement from the venue up front is so that you don’t lose your deposit do to 1.5 hours that was taken to uninstall the equipment. If for some reason they don’t agree to provide you with 1.5 hours, than you can schedule the performance sooner, and as a result, the band will stop playing about 30 minutes before the end time. A professional Latin Wedding band will ensure to keep DJ music for those last 30 minutes while at the same time start uninstalling the equipment. The idea is to get as much as you can for the investment you are making.

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