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Electrical Requirements For A Grupo Versatil

Are you searching for a Grupo Versatil also known as versatile latin band in los angeles? Below are some topics that will help you determine if the live music you have selected has the necessary experience.

The first topic that should have come up in the contract meeting is available electricity. Imagine dancing your first dance as husband & wife or your daughter’s Waltz for her sweet sixteen and the circuit pops. This would cause the power to shut and un-power the sound system. This can definitely be a stressful situation that you want to avoid. Therefore available electricity for the band/sound system should have been one of the topics during your contract interview. You are probably asking what can you do that will help prevent an electrical shortage. The answer is very simple, and we will explain it.


In this article.  Our suggestion is based on an average size venue that holds up to 300 guests. To prevent a stressful and awkward situation in the middle of your formal dances, we, Divine Grupo Musical, recommend you to make the specific electrical requirements before signing the contract with the venue of choice. The specific request is to have 3 independent 110V circuits each with 15AMPS. Once you get confirmation of your electrical needs from the venue, then you can be certain the venue is equipped, thus preventing awkward moments due to an electrical shortage.

Please keep in mind that some of the venue’s staff are not technicians and they likely will assure you that you will be fine since they have had a 16 piece band in the past. However, what they don’t understand is that the 16 piece band are mostly assembled by wind instruments like trumpets, trombones, clarinets, etc. that don’t require/pull electricity.

The second topic is how to distribute the 3 independent circuits. If the band not already knows, advise them to use one of the three 110 volt circuit with 15 AMPS specifically for their subwoofers and nothing else. The second 110 volt circuit may be used to power up the mids speakers, and nothing else. Please keep in mind if the speakers are passive, then what will receive the current is the external amplifier.

On the other hand with active speakers, the current will be plugged directly into the speaker’s electronic system. Lastly the third 110 volt circuit shall be used to power up all other instruments on stage, including floor monitors, base and guitar amps, piano, I pads etc. following these guidelines will prevent awkward electrical interruptions during your precious moments the day of you event.

If the Grupo Versatil made these request to you, than you know they have the experience to know how much electricity they will draw as well as how to distribute the 3 independent 110V 15apm circuit. 

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