First Important Pre-Marriage Decision as a couple

Without any doubt, for couples that are fully committed to each other, one of the most sacred events of their lives is their wedding celebration. At this time of their lives, they have chosen to be with each other and support one another going forward. This is where differences of choice or thinking become as one through compromise and choice. For example, partying with friends now becomes a joint venture and second priority. The mind set matures, and they transition to a more serious and important life decisions such as investing in their future by purchasing a home, traveling together, investing, and taking care of their finances which leads me to this article.

One of their first financial decision is how to decide if the investment they are making on the vendors or service providers is well worth it. This is extremely important since the service provider they will select will be key for having a successful event, whether it’s their wedding, Quinceaños, Birthday celebrations, or corporate events. Although there are many similarities and qualities all vendors or service providers share, this topic will only focus on Live Bands for Weddings such as Divine Grupo Musical.

This article is intended to demonstrate the bands experience, professionalism, and willingness to provide the best of service to our clients for as long as possible, thus making their investment well worth. To begin, I will introduce myself. My name is Juan Garcia, CEO/President of Divine Grupo Musical, and entity of Divine Entertainment Inc. Our organization strongly believes that success comes naturally when the correct mindset is exercised successfully. For example, in our case, our organization has always looked out for the best interest of all musicians, technicians, production staff, and for the best interest of our clients. Divine Grupo Musical has always been supportive with its team not only in the working environment but also in their personal lives.

The communication channel that has been established creates a peaceful environment and promotes sharing ideas that will help better our Live Entertainment Business. The results of such bond and trust are endless. Although we are not family by birth, we are family as an organization. As a result, our team composed of musicians, audio engineer, lighting technicians, and production staff have been with Grupo Versatil Divine for more than 20 years which proofs our organization has a solid foundation in constant growth and change which is what attract or team to be part of this organization. Our team manifest their loyalty towards our entertainment organization with their willingness to provide the best service each can offer. To our clients  Not only does our organization look out for the best interest of our team members, but also our clients. To us when we are awarded with a client’s trust and decided to hire us, It is not just another contract added to our agenda.

Rather it is an opportunity to treat their event or celebration as if it is ours. We put ourselves in their place which drives us to provide the best service. Some examples are being attentive to how the crowd response to the music list /genres being played. Our aim will always be to have as much of the guest on the dance floor by simply reading the crowd/vibe. We are mindful that every second counts specially when adding them all up. Therefore, we find ways to have no pauses in between songs, resulting in nonstop playing.

Not Only will our Grupo Versatil play as much as possible, but also be very mindful of our breaks. For example, our organization has a group chat system that has an auto text function that sends out a notification informing our team members to wrap their break activity and start heading to the stage 10 minutes before band’s next musical set list. The final auto text notification is sent 5 minutes before performance commencement which by then our musicians are on stage and waiting for the final count down to begin their subsequent performance. By then, we have already communicated to the DJ, and they are aware of our readiness and willingness to start our performance immediately after the DJ stops playing.

Another activity that Latin Wedding Band Divine Grupo Musical implements is closely working with the coordinator prior to the event and also onsite. Our offsite interaction starts with a conference meeting. The coordinator and Divine agree on a day and time the conference call will take place. We provide each other a preliminary topic and any high-profile topics of choice so all is prepared as much as possible for the conference call. Usually any questions we have for our clients are funneled through the coordinator, and she relates and obtains the answers to our questions.

From time to time, the clients do prefer that we communicate directly with them. Either way the goal is to fully understand the event formality time flow. Our intention of this meeting engagement is to promote efficiency as much as possible so that the event formalities can run as smooth as possible the day of the event. Further, after full evaluation of the time line, if we see an opportunity for time management improvement, we will suggest the change to the coordinator or client and explain how it will benefit the time flow. However, we would leave the time line change to the discretion of the client and coordinator.

Whether they to incorporate the change or leave the time line as is, we are fully committed to execute at their orders. Our second task is to ensure we are provided all songs that will be played for the event formalities. More times than not, there are multiple versions of the same song, and therefore Divine Grupo Musical will prevent playing a version that is not what the client expected simply by presenting all song versions and have the client approve them. Another point that shows there investment well be worth by hiring Latin Wedding Bands near me is our experience with installation and equipment removal. From a production / installation standpoint, our production staff has installed in most venues in southern California.

As a result, we have become acquaintance with most venue’s staff which sometimes provide us with additional support and access to the venues otherwise harder to obtain. Establishing relationships promotes success. Electricity is also a huge factor to be aware of, and we shine full of knowledge. One of the important factors in knowing available electrical connections for the band. Based on experienced, we can quickly identify if those connections are shared, meaning they come from one circuit or if each connection has is independent electrical circuit.

If they share the same electrical circuit, we quickly look for a nearby electrical outlet and verify that it is not sharing circuit with the outlet we are already using. This is a very important task, since it can prevent un uncomfortable feeling caused by possible electrical outage during their first dance as husband and wife or a quinceañera’s Waltz. Of course, this article is not meant to cover all possible aspects, but rather an idea to illustrate our experience, notion of how a business should operate, and the importance of establishing relationships is key to our success. 

We love what we do and so will you.  We would love to provide more of our experience that we have gained over the last two decades. We are free to discuss any information or doubts.

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