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What does the Spanish term Grupos Musicales mean?

The Spanish Term Grupos Musicales is the plural meaning of what a Grupo Musical is. In Latin America there are 3 popular categories of grupos musicales. The first version is an assembly of musicians normally starting with 6 which include drums, base, guitar, piano, percussion, and a lead singer. This 6-piece band usually can provide a versatile service. However, this means there is a higher dependency on the piano and guitar player to play melodies that otherwise the horn players usually play.

Grupos Musicales

Win Friends Heart And Blessings with Grupos Musiclales

Of course, more dependency on the Piano and Guitar players also mean that there will be fewer spaces for the piano and guitar player to rest. At the end of the day, this 6-piece band would satisfy the crowd. However, the 6-piece band would never be able to provide the sound or feel the horn players can provide, which leads me to the next musical assembly being the medium scale band. The medium scale Latin band is composed of 11 musicians which include all members stated above plus an additional lead singer, two trumpet players, a Saxophone player, and a trombone player for a grand total of 11 elements.

With this assembly, the music players take some weight from the piano and guitar player’s musical performance since the horns will now be playing their part, thus giving the piano and guitar player some room to rest. Having horn player as part of the musical assembly really enhances the sound. The horn players will provide natural note articulation sounds based on the feel of the genre being played. Further, with horns, the Grupos Musiclales will now be able to perform genres that require a horn section.

The last common grupos musicales assembly is composed of 18 members.  This bigger band size includes all musicians that form the 11 piece musical assembly plus, one additional trumpet player, 2 trombone players, 2 saxophone players, and 2 additional singers.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your Grupos Musicales

Mexico Grupos Musicales

Normally, each saxophone player takes their Alto and tenor saxophone. I am sure you can just imagine how rich the sound will be with an 18-piece Latin Band. The most popular genres of an 18-piece band is Jazz, Big Band for example New York-New York or L.O.V.E. Not only will jazz music sound amazing but also Banda Sinaloense. A Banda Sinaloense is composed of 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 3 clarinets, 3 Charchetas, percussion, tuba, and singers.

Usually Mexicans from the state of Sinaloa and nearby states all enjoy the banda sound. The disadvantage is that they are more musicians that form a Grupos Musicales, which increased the cost of the band. As a result, by far, the most popular selection is the medium Mexico Grupos Musicales. The medium size musical assembly is the most popular Latin band selection due to many reasons. The first reason is due its versatility in their musical performance, which is made possible due to their experience in the music industry.

Unlike bands that only focus on one genre, these 11 piece assembly has the knowledge to perform any genre from Ballads, Jazz, Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Rock & Roll, Rock Español, Disco, Pop, Funk, and many more. Having such a musical ability places these types of Grupos Musicales as the preferred option for all private and public functions in the Latin community. Having a wide variety of music will ensure all the guest will hear and enjoy their genre of choice.

Why are these Grupos Musicales the perfect fit for a wedding?

Imagine this! While you are enjoying a delicious dinner at the reception, these talented Latin Bands will play a song selection adequate for dinner. Their dinner selection will include genres like Ballads, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Mariachi, and alike. These genres are the best choice to play during the dinner reception, since no guest will get up and dance just yet. Rather, the guest will be enjoying their dinner while listening to the band perform all top forty hits.

Their song selection usually will take the audience/guest on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The upbeat musical transition occurs when dinner is over. During this time, a Grupo Versatil  Latin Band will start with the upbeat performance by playing all top forty hits which will include genres like Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Banda, Norteño and more. Having such a wide variety of music allows a Grupo Musical to be able to perform for all types of crowds anywhere from people from South America, Central America, Southern Mexico, central Mexico, northern Mexico and all the Latinos in the United States.

These musical assemblies are aware that every Latin region has their genre of choice. For example, Latinos from the Caribbean tend to listen to Salsa and Merengue over all. In Central America, the Cumbia is the genre that dominates. Mexico is the country that is the most diverse. This means, the average Mexican citizen will likely enjoy jazz as well as Mariachi. Other genres they enjoy are Rock & Roll, cumbia and almost all existing genres. As far as the Latinos in the United States of America, their song selection varies from Funk, Oldies, Banda, Norteño, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and much more.

This is where an experience Grupo Musical will deliver full satisfaction to all by being attentive to how the crowd is responding and by selecting the songs of choice that will keep all guest entertained the night away. Another great idea for a grupos musicales is to talk with their clients in advance. Listen with an open mind and ask for suggestions on what they feel their guest will enjoy the most.

Music selection With Grupos Musicales will bring success and satisfying clients and guests.

This method by far will prepare you for the event by giving you an insight of what music selection will bring success and satisfying clients and guests. So knowing your audience genres of choice and being very attentive to how they respond during the live wedding band ‘s performance, will put the band on a path to success. Lastly is the budget. We all know that everything can be very costly if we do not watch or assign a budget for every service provider. Just like everything else, as an individual is seeking for reliable service providers, they will become fascinated with the service provider of choice.

Grupos Musicales Mexico

This means that the client is willing to spend more money for the service than anticipated. All services eventually start adding up and go beyond the planned budget. This fact creates a concern and very challenging for those responsible for hosting the event. Therefore, it becomes clear that the best option of choice from the Grupos Musicales is definitely the mid-size 11 piece musical assembly. Hiring the mid-size 11 piece Grupo Musical is not as expensive as the 18 piece musical assembly.

Yet, you will be amazed with their high energy performance and yet staying within a reasonable budget. The final result will be saving money.

This saved money will now be able to be allocated to other service providers. Or with the savings, you will be able to add additional services like low laying fog, sparklers, or lighting. It is apparent that Grupos Musicales is the best choice due to their experience. If you are on a budget, the best choice is the 11 piece assembly. Otherwise, the 18-piece band will leave you speechless. Regardless of your decision, Grupos Musicales is will make your dream event a reality, full of fun.  


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