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How to ensure client gets the best variety of music when they hire live music and a DJ

Are you planning on hiring a DJ and live music? Are you wondering how you can maximize on your investment and at the same time get a wide coverage of different genres?  Our Latin Wedding Band Divine Grupo Musical will ensure just that by taking the following steps. Our first engagement will be with the client by setting up a meeting to discuss time frames. In the meeting, we will ask them to provide us the genres of their choice. In doing so, we well learn a general understanding of what they feel their guest will dance to.

During the music of choice discussion, the second step will be to express the importance of allowing us to read the crowd and therefore have the liberty to make our song selection. Our Cumbia Bands Los Angeles has the experience to make the correct song selection that will keep the majority of your guest on the floor simply by being attentive to how the guest respond. If we choose a song and the crowd does not react well, we will change the song/genre immediately so that we keep the vibe alive.

Our third engagement will be with the DJ. Since Divine Grupo Musical is a Grupo Versatil, we play all genres which leaves the DJ with less option to play. However, we always suggest the DJ to play hip hop and genres alike, and therefore leave us all the Latin rhythms. The key will be to have constant communication throughout the evening, and as a result the client receives the most diverse selection of music they possibly can, yet at the same time having their guest on the dance floor having a great time. Another important factor is the time assign for the Live Band versus the DJ.

It is important to understand if the client will be very strict or will provide some time flexibility. For example, we have played with very talented DJs who our very passionate with their performance which is great. However, from time to time some DJs are very passionate during their performance, and they play more than their designated time of play. This is not necessarily a bad thing especially if they have the crowd dancing to their song selection.

However, the client needs to ensure they are okay with this so that they don’t feel the Latin Band is playing less than what they are supposed to. Some clients are very strict since Live music is more expansive than DJ, and they want to ensure they get their money’s worth. Another alternative that we offer is having our live Latin band take control of the DJ service as well. In this case, the client can rest assure that there will be no songs that will be played by both band and DJ.

Further we will ensure the designated time for the live band versus the DJ time are on accurate based on the clients expectations. However, whether allowing us to play DJ music or hiring a separate DJ, the client can rest assure that our willingness to work as a team and provide the client the best experience for their investment will by our priority.  

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