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Choose one of our entertainment package most suitable for your ideal event.

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Services Enhancements

Professional Audio

Our Organization Considers The Sound System As A Crucial Element And Therefore Inventories And Consistently Upgrade its Sound System To The Latest Revolutionary Technology , Resulting In An Exceptional Sound Performance . Whether A Small Indoor Or A Large Outdoor Reception, We Will Adapt/install The Adequate Sound For Your Reception.

Professional Stage Lighting

Intelligent Moving Head Light And LED Stage Lighting Are Both Available, Thus Creating An Enhanced Stage Light Panorama. Need Further Enrichment? Decorative Uplighting And Monogram Projection Are Among Additional Upgrade That may be Added To your Package And help Customize Your Reception

DJ Service

Have Special Requests? Allow Us To Customize And Mix Your Favorite Songs. Our DJ Will Be The Perfect Source That Will Further Expand The Musical Versatility For Your Reception. Our Goal Will Be To Maintain your Guests' Vibe high.

Event Planning Services

There Is Only One Opportunity To Make Your Event Successful, As It Will Not Repeat. Therefore, Allow Us To Take On This Responsibility.

During The Pre-Planning Stage, We Will Gather All Pertinent information And Establish A Preliminary Itinerary For Your Review. The Itinerary May Be Revised As Many Times As Necessary Until Reaching Your Complete Satisfaction.

MC Service

Our Bilingual Emcee(S) Are Available And Will Assist In Helping Your Event Activities transition In A Smoothly manner. All Announcement Will Be In Accordance With The Pre-Agreed Itinerary Which Will Enable And Help Maintain The Agenda On Schedule.

La Hora DIVINE (Party Props)

Just imagine your crowd full of joy and laughter having the time og their lives on the floor while waving long balloons, foam LED sticks, wearing Beads, Masks, Neon Hats, etc.

Imagine no more. La Hora DIVINE Will accomplish just that.

During "La Hora DIVINE" we will create a very interactive and fun environment with your guest on the dance floor by providing them party props, thus simulating a Brazilian carnival and a New Orleans Mardi Gra.

Latin Wedding Bands


Allow the Best Latin Band in los Angeles To Create Your Hight Anticipate Dream Event A Reality. Our Formula For A Successful Experience Consists Of A Versatile Musical Repertoire ( Ragging From Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Rock En Espanol, Latin Soft Rock, Reggaeton, Punta, Bachata, Disco, Pop, Balada, Bolero, Trio, Jazz, Cha Cha Cha, Danzon, Mambo, Country, Banda, Norten,Etc... ), and Over a decade of extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

Would you like to live and ordinary experience or an experience that is DIVINE?

Leave your event in hands of professionals and you will live a superb experience of entertainment.

Latin Wedding Band
Horn Session Expansion


Create a romantic and relaxing atmosphaere by adding a Saxophone to DIVINE's musical dinner set, consisting of an instrumental, ballads, Boleros, music dinner set.

Trumpet and Sexophone:

Add further musical enhancement with the company of a trumpet player alongside the Sexophone, thus enrlching the quality of performance.

Trumpet,Sexophone, and Trombone:

Looking for a supreme upgrade? A Trumpet, Sexophone, and Trombone horn session alongside Latin Band DIVINE will not only enrich the quality of performance, but will deliver the ultimate musical performance.

The day of your wedding ceremony is the ideal time for good music, right from the aisle to your reception, get a celebratory ambiance with energetic, peppy Latin beats and rhythm. Remind your family and friends of wonderful bursts of youthful glee and love when they fill the dance floor. Make sure that your wedding music reflects your personality, as well as the zest for life. So, it becomes important to hire popular Latin bands Los Angeles. This is the place where we, Divine come to the scene.

Because you Deserve the Best:

Simply put, Divine provides Latin bands for weddings in Los Angeles that will blow audiences away. We, Latin Music Bands for Weddings Los Angeles, have the capability of turning a reception into an unforgettable affair. We are the Best Latin Band in Los Angeles and we come up with world-class musicians, studio recording vocalists apart from the years of experience. We know how to create unforgettable moments beautifully and over-deliver every single time we perform. When it comes to the Latin Wedding Bands Los Angeles, we are in a class of one.

In case you intend to Hire Latin Wedding Bands with loads of energy, then look no further than Divine. We can instantly create such an ambiance that provides your party with a boost of energy. Live Latin Band Los Angeles play everything right from popular current dance numbers to old dance standards. Not only this, we play them with style, making it quite impossible for your guests to sit still.

Our Most Remarkable Live Bands:

While you are planning your wedding reception and you want it to be as perfect as possible, then only an extraordinary Latin Bands in Los Angeles would offer you the top-notch entertainment services that you are looking for. If quality is a vital factor to you, then we can assure you that you will get nothing but impressive services from our end.

We have exceptionally talented musicians and vocalists. In case you are interested in the best Bands for hire in Los Angeles, we are always there at your service. Our sound is stylish, hip, and soulful beyond compare.

We would work with you for creating the perfect ambiance for your wedding ceremony too. We’ll play the ideal tune for each walk down the aisle.

Hire Us:

Book us for one of your unforgettable days. Our musicians would bring quality music, sophistication, and excitement to your wedding.

Latin Bands for hire Los Angeles are completely available for wedding and receptions. Hiring our services, you can rest assured that you would be going to be the talk of the town.

So, please call us to discuss your entertainment needs or to place a booking for live bands for your upcoming event.

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